Asset Searches for Executive Hires

The Necessity of Asset Searches for Executive Hires

Private investigative asset searches for executive hires are critical

Asset Searches for Executive HiresAsset searches for executive hires conducted by a private investigator will provide a thorough picture of the person who is on tap to hold a major role in your corporation. If you want a true indication of how trustworthy or capable your potential executive hire is, the expert investigators at ASG will deliver the information you need to make an informed hiring decision.

Get a Clear Picture of Executive Hire Candidates

The news stories of financial misconduct and criminal activity at the highest level of major corporations are, unfortunately, commonplace. Small businesses are no strangers to underhanded dealings either. What all companies have in common is the need to have high-level employees who are truly an asset to the business, not a detriment.

If you are interviewing candidates for chief financial officer, chief operating officer, or other chief executive positions, their prominent role directly affects the success or failure of your organization. Hiring the wrong person who has access to the inner workings of your company, proprietary information, and resources can be fatal to your business.

Asset searches for executive hires can uncover information domestically and globally such as:

  • Aliases.
  • Business ownership.
  • Criminal history.
  • Bankruptcies.
  • Employment history.
  • Education verification.
  • Outstanding judgments against.
  • Verification of professional licenses.

The greater authority a person has in your company, the greater the need for an incredibly thorough asset search. How they have handled their personal dealings directly influences how they will handle the workings of your company. Where an executive’s personal finances currently stand could lead them to make choices that they think they can get away with at a high level, but which could lead your enterprise to ruin.

The Blowback of Executive Crimes

A person’s level of authority in an organization directly affects the financial reach and impact of a business crime. Committing fraud at a high level means it’s easier to override elements that it would be nearly impossible for other employees to evade. Managers and lower-level employees can do damage in cases of fraud, but executives can cause an even greater monetary blow.

Executives with access to financial assets of an organization or the financial performance of a company have a fiduciary responsibility. If you are going to trust someone with your company’s money, their credibility, qualifications, and past performance are relevant, and their financial past and present are significant. Word of mouth or a solid reputation may precede an exec, but settling for the proof of others rather than commissioning the details yourself is a misstep. Asset searches for executive hires conducted by professional investigators will truly demonstrate the fitness of a candidate.

Hiring the wrong executive not only has the potential to be a financial impact, but the reputation of your company is at stake, both internally and externally.

Why Hire ASG to Conduct Asset Searches for Executive Hires?

It would be nice to think that you can take your job candidates at their word, but that isn’t the culture in which we live. Even relying on references alone to vouch for a person’s character isn’t enough. Outsourcing asset searches for executive hires to the experts at ASG ensures that you will receive an impartial, thorough report about your job candidate. The hope, of course, is that all the information found about the candidate is on the up-and-up and you can work successfully with this professional.

You may be friendly with an executive job candidate, or consider them ideal for the position based on how you’ve clicked with each other in interviews and meetings, but don’t slack on due diligence. The success of your company, staff, shareholders, customers, brand, and more depend upon hiring the right executives, and that begins with thorough vetting. Contact ASG to discuss asset searches for executive hires so you can keep your enterprise safe, thriving, and in good hands.