Commercial Tenant Screening

If you are the landlord of a commercial property, you know how important it is to know who you are renting to. Whether you are an individual landlord, a management company, corporation or a startup business, it is necessary to conduct a thorough commercial tenant screening background check to determine the background and reputation of the company will be leasing your space too, especially given the difficulty of the eviction and collections process. At Advanced Surveillance Group, Inc. we take a focused and professional approach to investigating potential tenants for a diverse clientele of landlords and property management companies. One often encountered problem that commercial landlord encounter is a tenant who is able to pay their rent, but operates multiple undisclosed businesses out of this location, including some that provide services that are offensive or distasteful to other tenants and visitors.

It is important to know that the best practice in tenant screening is to obtain information about a potential tenant from direct source data, which is the only type of data used at ASG. Each commercial tenant screening investigation can be tailored to meet our client’s specific needs, including obtaining background information on businesses, their owners or individuals who will be operating within your facility. Many of our existing clients are particularly interested in the credit history and reference interviews provided within our reports. Often times, these searches alone can provide vital information on whether to grant the application to rent or move on to another candidate.

There is no question that in this age of fly by night tenants and rampant credit destruction, this type of tenant screening should be standard for anyone who is entering an agreement to rent space out as a source of income; it is your property and assets that are on the line.