Employee Time Theft

Every organization has the late employees, those that text too much, others who surf the web too often and over time, these little indiscretions end up costing a bundle. As bad as these problems are, unfortunately, far too many companies have far more significant employee time theft problems.

Employees who work from home, work outside of the company offices or are lacking proper supervision can literally bankrupt a firm through unchecked employee time theft. ASG has extensive experience helping employers to develop evidence of employee time theft for termination, prosecution and deterrence of future events.

We have assisted employers in uncovering time theft in a wide variety of different circumstances. Some of the more commonly encountered situations include time theft by sales representatives who go home, to the gym, out shopping or worse work part of the day selling for another organization. Other field workers have been uncovered doing the same types of things like working side jobs with the company vehicle and tools, parking near a client location and sleeping, meeting a friend for lunch or simply playing on their laptop all afternoon. With smaller organizations or divisions, we have even seen examples of dozens of employees taking the afternoon off when the owners are away, literally leaving one of two employees behind to cover for the rest. In other examples, employees have scheduled travel across the country under the pretenses of a “sales opportunity” but in reality simply took a vacation and never visited the intended client or training.

Once an employer takes the steps to investigate employee time theft and take action against the offending employees, it sends a powerful message to everyone in the organization and helps to seriously reduce or eliminate future problems in this area and in other aspects of employee behavior.

Let us help you in assessing your potential exposure to employee time theft and explore the most cost effective options available.