Workplace Incident Investigations

Here at Advanced Surveillance Group our team of seasoned investigators understand workplace incident investigations, including workplace violence events, and will get to the root cause of an incident, not just identifying the factors that caused the incident. As you know an investigation may be required to fulfill your requirements under OSHA. Threats, injuries, harassment, and intimidation are just a few of the types of incidents that we investigate and document. Some corporations have their own investigators, in the house, that will be able to conduct this work but smaller businesses may not have this luxury. It is important that these investigations take place as soon after the incident as possible. The greater lapse in time means the longer amount of time the parties have to forget items that would help document the details of the incident.

Workplace Incident InvestigationsThe techniques we use in our workplace incident investigations encompass a multi-faceted approach. Our investigators will arrive on scene and photograph all aspects of the scene documenting orientation of items that may have played a roll in the incident. In interviewing involved parties, our goal is not to place blame on anyone but to simply document the events that took place for these individuals’ point of view. Then we will interview witnesses to get an idea of how the actions were perceived by others. If there are inconsistencies with the stories it may be required that our investigators re-enact the incident to get a better understanding of the chain of events that lead up to the incident (safely, of course).

Ultimately our investigations are unbiased and simply conducted to allow you, as the employer, to make sure that these events do not reoccur. Occasionally our investigations uncover an apparent falsified incident and our work will be defensible in court should it be needed. All of our investigators are insured and bonded to conduct this type of work and all of the investigators are annually trained.