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Finding people for settlements, class action lawsuits and more with large scale locate investigations

Locating one person is tricky, locating hundreds of people is something that few firms can do accurately. If you find yourself in the midst of a situation where you need to find multiple people sooner rather than later, the right private investigator can undertake this daunting and seemingly impossible task and get you the results you need.  Consider hiring ASG Investigations for large scale locate investigations.

If you need to locate people owed a financial distribution or payout quickly and efficiently, call ASG Investigations today!

Large Scale Locate Investigations

Locating the current mailing addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, or other contact information for a large number of people is a unique and challenging type of investigation. The need for assistance with a mass locate search is not always for negative reasons – in some situations there could be good news to extend to a large audience.

Tasking one employee or a team of employees with the task of locating hundreds of people will take away from the more important tasks that they have to do, and they also aren’t equipped with the same investigative resources as a professional. Seek a private investigative agency that has vast experience with person locate cases, including:

  • Locating class action lawsuit participants
  • Locating royalty benefit recipients
  • Locating drug study participants from clinical trials
  • Locating medical study participants from clinical trials
  • Locating retired members of an association
  • Locating former employees of a company
  • Locating investors who are not active in a venture
  • Identifying employment information for a population of debtors
  • Locating relatives of beneficiaries in financial programs from the 1970s and 1980s

It is not uncommon for a group-people locate task to require the tracking down of over 1,000 individuals. In some cases, an investigator is engaged to identify employment information on hundreds of people within a given period of time. There is usually a timeline associated with this search, and conveying the importance of this deadline and completing the work within the time frame is best left to the professionals.

Locating someone in a crowd
locating people, background checks

Obstacles in Large Scale Locate Investigations

Locate investigations naturally come with plenty of roadblocks, and the smart investigative agencies have identified and figured out ways to conquer the biggest obstacles, which can include:

  • The logistical issues of accumulating data
  • The difficulty of searching records
  • The challenge of maintaining organization
  • The necessity for available and experienced employees

Professional person locate investigators have the benefit of hard-won knowledge and are able to go far beyond what can be found with a keyboard and a Google search.

It is also essential that people locate investigations be handled with proper planning and understanding to manage the full scope of what is required of the project. Ignoring the details can result in tremendously long completion times and the unnecessary and burdensome reporting of irrelevant or inaccurate information. The under prepared investigator and ill-advised client will find out the hard way that these investigations must be handled with great care and attention to detail to get the most accurate results.

How Locating a Large Group of People Works

Professional investigators understand that the majority of requests for this type of investigation typically come after all other means have been exhausted. Simple online data sources have failed to produce results, social media has been scoured to no avail, and the pro is the last option for valuable information.

Having the very best resources available, qualified professional investigators that are experienced in group people locate cases build a process for each client depending on the quality of the information provided, the time sensitivity of the need, the scope of information required, and the individual challenges that each population of targets come with.

The investigative team is able to identify obstacles to time, data, and reporting ahead of time, and quote realistic expectations for each project. The net result of this approach? Locating people with current address and, in many cases, current telephone numbers and even relatives to contact.

Locating people

Why Hire ASG for a Group People Large Scale Locate Investigations Search?

The ASG people locate solutions offer an extremely low-risk profile and are born from a tried and proven methodology that begins with understanding our client’s ultimate need for information. Our investigators have knowledge of the requirements each industry must adhere to, including HIPAA restrictions when dealing with medical patients. Each project of this nature is designed from the ground up based on the specific goals of our clients. We are then able to tailor the investigation to ultimately produce the most meaningful, timely, and accurate information available with data reporting in any format that is required.

Whether you are seeking hard-to-find debtors, unknowing victims in class-action suits, or patients who have participate in decades-old drug studies, ASG specializes in and can manage any project where date is need on large populations of individuals. The vast majority of investigative agencies are simply unable to competently handle a people locate task of this magnitude and importance. ASG is one of only a handful of specialized investigative agencies capable of locating large groups of people both domestically and abroad. Please contact a member of our team to discuss your current large-scale locate need.


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