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Corporations, midsize and even small businesses are challenged with threats from within and from outside of the organization. Dealing with external threats can be one of the most problematic and time consuming and come in a wide variety of types.

Theft of intellectual property, bid rigging, counterfeiting goods, EEOC investigations and corrupt vendors are just a few of the examples of the types of threats that can cause material damage to any company. In many instances, the damage can lead to regulatory and compliance issues, hurt credibility with lenders and investors and damage relations with key partners and stakeholders. For larger corporations, it is possible to face multiple threats on different fronts at the same time. Threats from outside the company can be an overwhelming problem for the human resources, corporate counsel and security executives who may have overlapping responsibilities and limited installed internal resources.

Types of External Threat Investigations We can Help With

A sampling of the external threat investigations we provide includes:

  • Anti-Counterfeiting
  • Patent Investigations
  • Product Diversion and Parallel Importation
  • Trademark and Copy Infringement
  • Channel Checks
  • Kickback Schemes
  • Due Diligence
  • Bid Rigging
  • Vendor Fraud
  • Third Party Liability Claims
  • FCPA Violations
Trade Secret Investigations

Why Choose ASG?

ASG has the depth of resources, experience and specialization in investigating external threats to help you navigate through the situation. We will advise you on the possible outcomes, help you to monetize the investigation, the likely damage and the possibility of recovery before you spend any money.

If your investigation requires the use of specialized experts or crosses borders, ASG will incorporate those elements and manage the process seamlessly through our truly global network.
We encourage you to contact us to discuss your specific needs. Our team of board certified experts and certified fraud examiners will help you to navigate through this situation and minimize the damage to the organization. As always, the consultation is privileged and confidential.


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