Employee Screening

Employee screening: Below is a description of our pre-employment and employee background check services. Each search is described in detail to give you an idea of what types of information we are able to investigate and the sources that provide that information.

  • Name, Address & Social Security Number Verification

    Details the residential history of an applicant and verifies their name and social security number as being active, valid and as matching the provided information.

  • Drivers License Search and Driving History

    Verifies an applicant’s current and valid driver’s license and identifies any violations or accidents.

    Not available in some states.

  • Criminal Convictions Statewide

    Statewide criminal convictions search. Includes arrest information reported to the State Police on an applicant. Not available in some states. As an alternative we recommend county level searches for criminal convictions.

  • County Level Criminal Record Search (Price may vary per county)

    County specific criminal court record searches for criminal cases pertaining to an applicant.

  • County Level Civil Record Search (Price may vary per county)

    County specific civil court record searches for civil cases pertaining to an applicant. This search will also include divorce records and, in some states, personal protection order records.

  • Bankruptcy Record Search

    Search for Federal bankruptcy records pertaining to an applicant.

  • Federal Court Record Search (Civil & Criminal)

    Search for federal civil and federal criminal cases pertaining to an applicant. Includes class action legal matters.

  • Federal Prison Search

    Determines if an applicant had ever been incarcerated in a federal prison.

  • State Incarceration Search

    Determines if an applicant had ever been incarcerated in a state prison. Records are usually based upon felony or multiple misdemeanor convictions.

  • Criminal Wants & Warrants Search (National)

    Identifies any outstanding wants or warrants in an applicants name. This search includes all participating law enforcement bodies.

  • Statewide Sex Offender Search

    Identifies an applicant as a convicted sex offender.

  • National Sex Offender Search

    Identifies an applicant as a sex offender in any state.

  • Patriot Act Search

    Search for individuals that certain departments of the Federal government have indicated are suspected of having ties to organized crime or terrorism. This search includes individuals who are wanted nationally or who have been under surveillance by a law enforcement body.

  • Interpol International Fugitive Search

    Search to identify international wanted persons.

  • Office of Inspector General Excluded Individuals Search

    Determines if an individual or corporation is excluded from participating in federally funded health care programs due to convictions for: fraud, patient abuse, licensing board actions or default on health education loans.

  • US Securities and Exchange Commission

    Identifies filings with the SEC and includes any incidents of fraud or sanctions.

  • Office of Foreign Asset Control

    Search for any economic or trade sanctions for an individual or company. This search is often associated with foreign individuals suspected of illegal activities in other countries.

  • GSA Excluded Parties Search

    Search for individuals and companies that are excluded from receiving federal contracts, subcontracts, federal assistance or federal benefits.

  • Professional License Verification

    Verify an applicant’s professional license credentials, validity and expiration date.

  • Corporate Ownership (Privately Held Companies)

    Determine if an applicant has ever owned or operated his or her own business.

  • Credit Report (One Bureau)

    Determines an applicant’s credit history and identifies credit abuse.

  • Prior Employment Verification (Three Sources)

    Verifies an applicant’s previous employers. Includes title, start date and end date. Based upon an applicant’s provided employment history.

  • Education Verification (Highest Degree Obtained)

    Verifies an applicant’s education, graduation date and area of study. Based upon the applicant’s provided educational background information and dates of graduation.

  • Reference Interviews

    Character interviews based upon an applicants provided references.

  • Internet Profile (Detailed Web Reference Search)

    Detailed web reference search. Helpful in determining an applicant’s character, background and suitability for hire.