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FCRA Adverse Action - FCRA

Handling FCRA Adverse Action

Following the guidelines of the FCRA, ASG Investigations offers the added service of sending official adverse action letters based on the background of a candidate for employment. As part of our employee screening process, our clients are given the option to inform us when information contained within a consumer report (background investigation) will be used in the decision making process to prevent a candidate from becoming employed. After the decision to dismiss the applicant from the hiring process is made, ASG will provide that candidate with a copy of their consumer report, a copy of the FCRA guidelines and a tailored adverse action letter stating the intent of our client to dismiss that applicant from the hiring process. The reason we offer this service is simple; we stand behind our work. There are no lengthy disclaimers on our reports indicating that “many possible records have been found”. We are professional investigators who sift through the data to make sure that our work is accurate, professional, defensible and timely. Our process is completely transparent and the sources we utilize to obtain background information are clearly outlined within our official reports. We do this because we feel that applicants have the right to know where any adverse information is coming from and to obtain the copies of any information that may affect their ability to be come employed.


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