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Restaurant & Bar Investigations - Serving friends and not charging them

As in any cash business, there is always the temptation for employees to help themselves to your profits. Bars and restaurants are frequently the victims of employee theft. Most bars and restaurants have regular employee turnover and nearly all establishments end up hiring someone who will steal from them. These employees will steal cash sales, steal inventory and are prone to serving friends your drinks and food without charging them. Left unchecked, this behavior can spread and quickly have a devastating effect on your bottom line. The more people you employ, the greater the risk.

What Can Restaurant & Bar Investigations Uncover?

Our Restaurant & Bar Investigations can also help you to identify non-theft related inefficiencies and risk factors like:

  • Over serving patrons who are visibly intoxicated.
  • Over pouring drinks.
  • Was the cash register closed at all times?
  • Spending time socializing rather than working.
  • Determining if a receipt is used for every sale?
  • Did the bartender bunch sales and ring up several at the same time?
  • Are people being admitted without paying cover?
  • If wait staff was paid with exact change, were any funds pocketed?
  • Ultimately, we can give you proof of what goes on when you are away!
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Private Investigators helping in corporate matters.

Why Choose ASG for Your Restaurant & Bar Investigations?

The licensed private detectives at ASG Investigations, offers you detailed investigations of your employees and what they are doing when you are not watching them. We can enter your place of business and provide you with hidden video evidence of theft that you can use to prosecute the offenders and send a powerful message to your staff.

As with any service provided by ASG, your investigation is completely confidential.

For more information about our Restaurant & Bar Investigations, one of our investigators are ready to help. Call us today!


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