The Rising Need for Private Investigators

Contributed by Samantha Castillo


private investigatorsThe increasing need for tailored investigations, that you otherwise would not default to law enforcement or take on personally, is becoming remarkably visible. Recently, private investigators have been flooding the headlines with cases that pertain to political investigations, infidelity and missing persons, but those are a limited scope of capabilities for the profession. The truth is that private investigators conduct a wide variety of investigations, contrary to media portrayal.

On the broad end of a private investigator’s duties, you typically find responsibilities such as background checks, taking statements and uncovering legal or financial documents.  The narrow or specialized end of the profession envelops investigations and specialties that can include but are not limited to the following:  Fraud, child abuse, child custody, identity theft, alive and well, process serving, neighborhood canvass, spousal surveillance, audits, computer forensics and employee time theft. Everything from personal to corporate matters is within the realm of possibilities.

Private investigators are largely employed by investigative agencies, law firms, insurance companies and individuals. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of private detectives and investigators was projected to grow 11 percent between 2016 and 2026; this projection is faster than the average for all occupations [1]. The growing need can be attributed to increased threats to personal security and evolving potential for fraud and crime in the cyber age.

The immense reliance on online data for discovery purposes, forces older generations to seek investigative help when it comes to utilizing the internet. Conversely, younger generations are forced to seek help when they cannot use social media and internet searches to find what they seek. It estimated that only one quarter of all seniors use social networking sites [2]; making it more difficult for them to navigate the internet and more difficult for them to be found on the internet.  Both ends of the spectrum are currently feeding into the growth of the business.

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