Investigations that positively impact legal metrics

Investigations that Positively Impact Legal Metrics

When counsel, either in-house or outside, determines that they need to utilize a private investigator or, more often, a private investigative agency, to help gather evidence, they tend to think only of

legal metrics

the information expected to be gathered. The idea is that the investigation is needed to support or otherwise help justify some dispute resolution, but the choice of investigator can also have an impact on your legal metrics. The right investigative agency can not only gather the information and or evidence you are specifically seeking, they should also be able to help point out other avenues to pursue and ways to help mitigate the total spend on the investigation while still achieving the desired outcome. This type of investigative partner will not only get the job done in an expert manner, they will also have both direct and indirect impact on many key legal metrics, like “total legal spend as a percentage of revenue”, “rationalization rates” and “profit per partner” that all high level legal professionals are measured by.

Not all private investigators are capable of providing ways to affect these metrics. Most are simply order followers who don’t really understand how legal departments or firm function, make money or add value to the client. In reality, the situation is often the opposite, where the investigator is looking for ways to keep the case alive and bill more. They tend to be a one trick pony whose cannot see beyond the scope of their expertise.

ASG is not only a unique professional private investigative agency who specialize in providing innovative attorney services, we are also exceptionally knowledgeable business partners who can help sophisticated legal professionals to succeed on multiple levels.


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