Locating contact information for members of a class action lawsuit is specialized work

Although it is true that almost every private investigator advertises that they can help locate people, the work involved in locating a large number of people involved in a class action lawsuit who can be spread out both geographically and in terms of socioeconomic background is specialized work, not the work of generalists. The average private investigator, even those who are trained and experienced in locating people, will struggle to capture a complete group involved in a class action lawsuit and will undoubtedly take far more time than necessary and charge you a premium for that time.

What many fail to appreciate is the difficulty involved in locating members of a class. This is especially true when the connection between them is years or even decades old and the information scarce. Then when one adds in elements like common names, unknown dates of birth or relatives and the rapid way that people change locations, you quickly realize that few have the depth of resources to locate contact information for members of a class action suit. class-action-locate

What all PIs offer is essentially their access to some database of public records and credit header information. They run these basic searches and pawn that off as an actual investigation. Usually these searches cost them pennies to run and both incomplete and inaccurate. They tend to have few if any resources beyond these databases. Accordingly the client ends up with absolute minimum information available and unknowingly loses many members of the class.

At ASG, we have a specialized team dedicated to large scale locates specifically for a class action lawsuit.

We encourage you to contact us and let our experts explain exactly why locating contact information for members of a class action lawsuit is specialized work and how we can help save yo time and money in your search. Chances are, we have direct experience in conducting the exact type of search you are looking to have done.