CNN Reports Global Fraud on the Decline, Insider Fraud on the Rise

As corporate fraud falls around the world, the percentage of fraud committed by corporate insiders is climbing, a new survey reports.

The study, commissioned by risk consulting firm Kroll Advisory Solutions, found 67% of firms that had at least one incident of fraud in the past year laid the blame on insiders such as junior employees, senior managers and agents of the company.

That’s up from 60% last year and 55% in 2010.

But the report said the proportion of companies reporting that they were affected by at least one incident of fraud in the past year dropped to 61% from 75% in 2011.

There’s a downside to the decrease in fraud, however. The survey’s numbers suggest companies are becoming more complacent. Respondents describing themselves as highly or moderately vulnerable to information theft declined from 50% in 2011 to just 30% this year.

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