Corporate Fraud

The Federal Bureau of Investigations released its latest financial crimes report and in this report they noted that corporate fraud is on of its “highest priorities” and it is on the rise. Key amongst these concerns was false accounting, fraudulently inflated assets, insider trading and kickbacks. If this has become an issue so large that the FBI has deemed it a high priority shouldn’t you be concerned that this may affect your business dealings or possible business acquisitions?

With the number of corporate fraud cases on the rise it is critical to identify risks before they become liabilities. At A.S.G. one of our specialties is conducting Business Background, Executive Background Checks, and Business Identification Investigations to assist you in better making an informed decision when either choosing to work for a business or choosing to purchase a business. When you have more at stake than just money, but also your reputation in the market space these intelligence investigations will assist you in having all of the information before making a decision.

An article in the Huffington Post from February of 2012 can be found at: