Due Diligence Investigation: It Pays to Know Who You Are Working With

We liken a due diligence investigation to a report card. You could always take a student’s word for it that they got all As, but it might be worth a look at the actual report card. The same is true in business. If you will be relying on a vendor, partnering with another company or bring on a large new customer, a D & B report is not enough and in-depth, verified information on a larger scale is affordable and timely.

Some of the areas that we focus on can include:

Searching for undisclosed litigation or regulatory problems, verifying transactions and terms with vendors, interviewing former employees about the true condition of the company and the roles of key staff in the business, verifying receivables are from non-related and legitimate sources capable and willing to make payment and verifying ownership of property and equipment.

 Many people automatically equate a due diligence investigation to merges and acquisitions or some type of strategic partnering when, in reality, any important financial decision can benefit from some level of due diligence investigation. As the old business adage goes: Trust, but Verify!
A.S.G. gives your business the advantage of having an investigative research team that will work with you to get the answers you seek. Because each due diligence investigation and each target company are different, we recommend that you discuss your situation with one of our private investigators.