Employee Theft a Part of Daily Life

In an effort to keep abreast of all the latest news within the corporate investigation and risk management space, our agency added a Google alert for the term “employee theft”. Of course we expected to see a number of stories of employee theft being uncovered. Lets face it, this is a big country with lots of media outlets and lots of employees. What we didn’t expect was a dozen or more stories every day. Even more surprising is that almost all of these article are about an arrest of some employee. When one takes the time to read some of these articles, another attribute becomes obvious: the victimized company was very open about the crime. One can only imagine how many arrests are made on a daily basis that do not garner media attention. When you consider all of this, it becomes clear that no company is immune from the threat of employee theft. ASG has been proactively helping employers to try and mitigate the potential for this type of behavior through our customized employee screening services and re actively  when trouble begins to surface, through our employee misconduct investigations, fraud and internal investigations and in the extreme, via an undercover investigation within the workplace.


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