Reputational Due Diligence

Senior executives charged with managing relationships and risk face the challenge of getting complete, accurate and actionable intelligence on the people, both internal and external to their organization, and businesses. Many rely on one of two avenues to develop this type of information; have someone inside conduct internet based searches, which is essentially “Googling” it or use a paid database, usually one that was sold to corporate counsel as a crystal ball for all things informational. They should strongly consider have a reputational due diligence investigation conducted by ASG.

Unfortunately, neither of these options is anywhere close to a professional, reputational due diligence investigation. Google will only take one so far, and most of the time, those who are conducting even these simple Google searches, are not properly trained in investigative search techniques or methodologies. They do their best, but important information is missed.  Paid databases offered by large data brokers are a great start, we use them as a launch point on every investigation, but the integrity of the data and limitations with these services are hidden. Further, the world of all records and relationships being one mouse click away is a fantasy. Perhaps 30 years from now that will be different, but for now, these databases are a very poor substitute for an actual investigation. Most importantly, both of these approaches lack the crucial element of human intelligence. In the majority of cases, meaningful, actionable information is not just sitting on the web, it comes from people. These limitations deny you access to the type of information you likely need most, particularly that which provides insight into the subject’s character.

Our Reputational Due Diligence Investigations

At ASG, we provide our clients with reputational due diligence that is complete, accurate, verified and cost effective. We have a large team of specialists who each focus on one specific element of an investigation, and who cross support one another and ensure that no avenues are left unexplored. We have one of the largest expert investigative staffs in the country and have the experience and depth of resources to provide reputational due diligence investigations that rival the industry’s leading firms.


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