CNN Reports Global Fraud on the Decline, Insider Fraud on the Rise

As corporate fraud falls around the world, the percentage of fraud committed by corporate insiders is climbing, a new survey reports. The study, commissioned by risk consulting firm Kroll Advisory Solutions, found 67% of firms that had at least one incident of fraud in the past year laid the blame on insiders such as junior … Read more

Theft of Trade Secrets a Growing Problem for Technology Companies

Below is yet another story of a business that is alleging a former employee stole intellectual property. As more companies develop proprietary software and applications, they are realizing that this type of  “property” is easy to copy and remove. With so much to lose, it more important than ever to monitor who is accessing critical applications and … Read more

Michigan doctor charged in $40 million Medicare fraud scheme

A USDOJ press release issued September 20, 2012 states that a Detroit-area doctor was charged and arrested today in the Eastern District of Michigan for his alleged leading role in a $40 million Medicare fraud scheme involving physician home visits and home health services, announced the Department of Justice, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the FBI … Read more