Michigan FMLA Abuse Investigations Save Employers Money

Michigan employers, like employers everywhere, work diligently to stay competitive and to provide for the employees who make that possible. One of the major advances in employee rights is the FMLA entitlement. Unfortunately, like with many benefits, it is the target of frequent abuse. Michigan FMLA abuse investigations save employers money and weed out the bad apples who hurt the company and there coworkers. Surveillance is the most commonly used technique to combat FMLA abuse. This gives the employer evidence of what the employee is actually doing when taking time under the FMLA act. In the vast majority of the time, workers who use FMLA for time off are doing so for legitimate reasons, but when it is abused action needs to be taken and it is astounding how many times we observe these employees engaging in some type of vocational or recreational activity rather than dealing with a medical issue.