Rising CV Fraud Drives Increase in Executive Background Checks

As high paying jobs become more scares, CV fraud is on the rise as is the need for executive background checks. A recent study by a privately held background screening firm located outside the US found significant increases in instances of “elaborations and falsification” and the “omission” of critical, relevant information from the resumes and curriculum vitae of job seekers. The most frightening aspect of this study is that it found over fifteen percent of job seekers engages in adding fake qualifications or has a criminal record. Executive background checks are essential and require a higher level of sophistication that many background screening firms do not offer. Be careful in your selection process because little oversight is required of background check agencies and the quality of the information can vary wildly. Good, reputable firms that can provide a meaningful executive background check usually also offer traditional employee screening and business background investigations. When complied correctly, these background checks will save employers from the many unnecessary problems.



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