Why Your Legal Team Needs Professional Investigative Services

professional investigative services

Surprises can be fun, unless they occur in the courtroom or while you’re preparing for a case. Adding professional investigative services agency to your legal team can eliminate unwelcome surprises and provide unique new documentation, witnesses or evidence you need to win cases. In fact, private investigators are often an attorney’s best legal resource.  Gather … Read more

Client Expectations when Investigating Non-Compete Agreement Violations

Managing client expectations when investigating non-compete agreement violations can be a major concern for attorneys. Lets face it, clients, and in particular business owners, take a former employee’s violation of a non-compete agreement very personally. Emotions run high and, unfortunately, so can imaginations. As their attorney, you are placed in difficult position when investigating non-compete … Read more

Locating Lost or Unresponsive Witnesses and Clients

unresponsive witnesses

Let’s face it, in today’s day and age, everyone is a little more suspicious of people they don’t know. There are constant news stories about scams, fraud, and people being taken advantage of; many of these issues involve suspicious telephone calls (sometimes of the Nigerian Prince variety). Add into the mix the number of people with financial … Read more

Investigators Improve Service Results

Private Investigators often assist Process Servers

Investigators Assist to Improve Service Results At Michigan Civil Process Service, being part of the Advanced Surveillance Group comes with some unique benefits that are not afforded to most process service firms.  The ability to walk down the hallway of our office and ask one of our investigators for some assistance when a field server … Read more

Database Searches Part 2

investigative database searches

Database Searches:  The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Part 2 Ensuring you are paying for an investigation, not a search The Good: Nowhere else will you find this much information compiled on one person, in the world.  These database searches make a point of being as comprehensive as possible so that they can be … Read more

Database Searches Part 1

Database Searches

Database Searches:  The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – Part 1 Ensuring you are paying for an investigation, not a search Database searches are the starting point for any investigation but it is important to know that these searches, and the underlying data, have numerous benefits and downfalls.  In order to help our clients … Read more

Locating contact information for members of a class action lawsuit is specialized work

Although it is true that almost every private investigator advertises that they can help locate people, the work involved in locating a large number of people involved in a class action lawsuit who can be spread out both geographically and in terms of socioeconomic background is specialized work, not the work of generalists. The average … Read more

Give someone access to an on-line database and they instantly become a Due Diligence Investigator

When conducting investigations, primarily background checks and due diligence investigations,professional investigators find that they are one part of a larger team. The team is usually driven by outside counsel who are joined by accountants and or investment analysts and periodically a banker or two. This all makes sense, with each having their own role, and … Read more


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